The Other Side….







I hold back my thousand thoughts

I hold back my thousand dreams

Each passing day is getting so though

And each night so perturbing

Still, I hold back my longing


As the sun melts in sky

And the day bids good bye

The monotonous life culminates

A contemplative night originates







There is a war within my mind

Thoughts, arguments and view point

Two sides pushing each behind

Barriers of life on one side

Dreams and desires on another side.



There is a life on another side

Where the days are beautiful

And nights so calm

There is nothing holding back there

And life has a charm.








It takes a leap of thousand thoughts to recast a life  

Many paradigm of loss to understand the life

And cross winds of resistance and rains of dismay.                                            

  But, after the rough winds, the dark cloud and rains

The sky so clear and the beautiful sun

Life of another side delighting and content.




श्रायश पंडे