The Intellectual Youth and the Bollywood





Bollywood stands as one of the worlds biggest film production center. A rare film industry which also brings variety of music and dance along with the films. Started as early as 1910, Bollywood has come a long way in terms of subjects and technicalities. Over the years it has spurred out a league of remarkable actors and marvelous films. But there are somethings which have changed in recent years i.e. from the late 2000s and the changes are negative as of now. Bollywood which was home to actors who had their own individual personalities and implanted that in the characters, has now become a home to actors who are mere products. It is now hard to find a “Angry Young Man” because actors have lost their own personality and ideology in pursuit of becoming products who can be used to sell anything from films to soaps. The actress are running on a similar lines. Each actress now has a check list to satisfy and having a individual personality is barely considered. If the faces are removed, the bodies look identical. Long gone are days when personalities like Sanjeev Kumar were cast as lead actors while all he had to present was his own personality and and astute for acting. Now, such actors could not even deserve a supporting role. Actors are now supposed to have a nicely toned ab-visible body and a youth-eccentric young personality. For the actress, Cinema like “Guddi” and “Abhimaan” are no more possible because the role of an actress in an movie has now been elevated from acting to making the film very Hot. She makes it hot by dancing on raunchy songs, exposing her skin vulgarly, acting helpless in situations, make-up ready all day and wearing nice designer clothes. For illustration consider roles of Amy Jackson in Freaky Ali, Katrina Kaif in Dhoom 3, Jacqueline Fernandez in a half  dozen films. If this was less, there are actress like Evelyn Sharma who are in Industry purely on looks. Her major role in movies like YJHD can be easily googled and it is pathetic to see that she was even cast. Once this fact was cleared that Bollywood actress doesn’t needs to act, we see a plethora of actress from many countries en-cashing the opportunity. To name some Bruna Abdullah, Nora Fatehi, Mandana Karimi etc. A simple google search could reveal the type of futile movies they have done and made money.

What hurts at the moment is that the intellectual youth of today is letting this mediocrity and frailty propagate. To consider a scenario, let us take the hullabaloo before the 2017 release “Half Girlfriend”. The movie was not only waste of time but also a insult to common sense. Arjun Kapoor is given a idea by his friends that according to Bihari Buddhi if the girl really loves you, she will have sex with you whenever you want it. So Arjun Kapoor tries it and she rejects. I thought this was just some random scene in movie and carried no significance but, my mind exploded when in the climax of the movie, the girl accepts his love and Arjun Kapoor tries to have sex with her, this time she happily lets it happen. I know many Biharis but they don’t think or act in this way. I mean this is stupidity at a different level. But, we are considering the hullabaloo before the release of the film. The social media was full of trolls which trolled Arjun Kapoor of his poor acting skills, The pairing of lead pair, the trailer of the film and so much more. Online parody critics “Fitoor Mishra” originated during this time and made fun of the Half Girlfriend trailer and earned millions of views and comments. The point to be made here is, the movie was stupid and everyone knew it but still it was a huge thing on social media. Going back 2 years in past, there was a beautiful movie called “Masaan” which was dull at the box office and social media alike. It was a highest quality cinema and received rave reviews for every department in it. If the trolls and the intellectual youth would have taken the step to speak positive about the movie and appreciate the film, the film would not have died. This non-appreciative attitude is killing cinema like “Masaan” and helping Bollywood make stupid movies like Half-Girlfriend, The Flying Jatt, Munna Michael, Baaghi and so so many more.

If the Intellectual youth of today stand’s up and makes its choice clear that they would watch and appreciate only movies like “Masaan” then the business of Bollywood would change and they would realize that the new India needs better cinema and it has given the indication. I saw no “Fitoor Mishra”appreciating movies like Masaan, Tamasha, Ankhon Dekhi and many more. Where were they in those times? where were those people who called Half Girlfriend stupid ? Will those people appreciate movies like Masaan ? They don’t appreciate the right content and want the Bollywood to produce quality movies. The change lies in the audience and its the audience who has to appreciate the true cinema and let the makers know that non-sense wont propagate any further.


The collections of some stupid movies in recent times have been so encouraging that the Bollywood wont stop gambling on such stupid subjects. Half Girlfriend made 90.47 crores, The flying Jatt stands at 56 crores and Masaan made 10 crores while, Ankhon Dekhi made as low as 1.3 crores. The collections may be less but whats more disappointing is that, these movies never received the attention they deserved on social media and that is because making fun of Half Girl friend would fetch more likes than posting few positive words of appreciation for Masaan. It is this intellectual youth of India which is busy making fun of stupid movies has to stand up for the right kind of movies and set an example that movies which satisfy checklist considering of A Badshah song, A hot Item number, A young, fair and skimpily clad actress and a abs-ready actor wont work anymore.

The generation needs a revolution.