The Other Side….







I hold back my thousand thoughts

I hold back my thousand dreams

Each passing day is getting so though

And each night so perturbing

Still, I hold back my longing


As the sun melts in sky

And the day bids good bye

The monotonous life culminates

A contemplative night originates







There is a war within my mind

Thoughts, arguments and view point

Two sides pushing each behind

Barriers of life on one side

Dreams and desires on another side.



There is a life on another side

Where the days are beautiful

And nights so calm

There is nothing holding back there

And life has a charm.








It takes a leap of thousand thoughts to recast a life  

Many paradigm of loss to understand the life

And cross winds of resistance and rains of dismay.                                            

  But, after the rough winds, the dark cloud and rains

The sky so clear and the beautiful sun

Life of another side delighting and content.




श्रायश पंडे



The Land of Madhya Pradesh and the Secret of Nagas

Madhya Pradesh is the largest state of India and with 30 percent forest cover it has various secrets hidden beneath. Among the various cities and towns and amidst the forest and rivers there are still many revelations waiting for humans and these have power to direct the human thinking in a complete new direction.




The lady was suffering with severe pain in one of her tooth on the right side. It was not only today but a regular scene since last 3 months. Every night when her husband would come back from work he could see his wife lying on the bad with on hand on her right cheeks rubbing them. She used to get temporary relief as she did it. Her Husband was done trying everything to free her from this pain. It was very easy for doctor’s to conclude that the removal of teeth was the best option. Her husband tried best to avoid the operation by giving her different pain relief pills and trying other branches of medicine like Ayurveda and Homeopathy. To their disparity, nothing worked right.

But Today, was different. It was a dark winter night and calm winds were blowing. It was quite outside and the vast barren land outside their small independent home added more chills. The Lady opened the door to let her husband come in. Seeing her dressed up her husband was curious to know the reason. After handing over him a glass of water, she told him about a daily wage labor who was also a shaman known for treating people of any ailments. She requested him that they visit him tonight and talk about her pain. Her husband was tired and reluctant to go. He seemed impassive of the idea and tried to avoid it by calling her conservative and illiterate but, some moments later when he saw that her will to visit the labor was unfazed and her severe pain was unending, he decided to take her to the labor.

They rode in their car and the only lights on road were of the car’s headlights. They could feel the chilling winter even inside as they occasionally shivered. The lady made a small drawing on a piece of paper and looked at it to keep guiding her husband about the address. After a 30 minutes journey they reached. The labor lived in a small dilapidated house. After many knocks, he came out. He listened to the lady and then went inside to wrap him in few sweaters. He also brought a torch along with him and asked the lady to open her mouth. They were almost shivering due to the cold and when they talked vapor came out of the mouth. The lady opened her mouth and he traversed the light over her teethes. After carefully observing each of them, he took out a small iron nail and asked the lady to keep it on her paining teeth for few seconds. The husband was curious to know the solution but, was also seemingly bored to see such backwardness. After few seconds, when she took out the nail from her mouth, the Labor took it and went by to the closest tree. He used a hammer to beat the nail and made sure that it got inserted in the trunk of the tree.

By this time, many other villagers gathered around them and murmured something among them. The Lady who was still suffering from pain looked at the tree with anxiety. The Labor told her that the pain would subside with each knock he gave with the hammer on the tree trunk to insert the nail. Things looked pretty foolish till now but, soon turned serious. With every knock the pain subsided. The lady smiled and her husband smiled looking at her. It has been months since they smiled wholeheartedly. The villagers were now murmuring even more. Some were smiling and some were amused.  The couple were not feeling the winter anymore. they were just plainly amused. The husband went closer to the tree and saw that there were numerous nails in the tree. He could conclude that there are many whom the labor has treated.

The labor stood smiling outside his house. His wife in ghooonghat stood beside him. He took a some money form the couple and gave it to her wife. Out of curiosity the husband asked him about his secret regarding treatment. The labor scratched his head and then told about his encounter with the Nagas.

On a Windy day many years back in Jungles of Satpura, The labor encountered a tired naga. He was tall and had strong dreadlocks. His body was covered with ashes and all he wore was a small garment to cover his bottom. He looked tired and sat beneath a thick tree, smoking cannabis through a chillum. He requested the labor to offer him some water. The labor though schoked was prudent in offering him some water. The naga knew that his death is near. He smiled at the labor and told him that he will tell him something which would always earn him respect and prosperity. That afternoon, he taught labor the techniques and mantras which were beyond understanding of a human mind. He made him learn the concepts about human body and its alignment with the universe. As the session ended he died but gave him a book full of mantras and writings about his exploration. The secret to treatment is never to be revealed to everyone but to just pass on.

As the couple came back home. They were silent. There were thousand questions within their minds. They wondered that how universe is so large and there are medical treatments which are far ahead of science. They thought about the wonders of human mind and how much can it explore in ones lifetime.

Many years passed by but, that specific teeth was never at pain.


Children Of Doom


Doom – Terrible Fate 


We are children of doom. We did not become one right now but we are one since, the day we were born. The very moment we were born we were labelled as children’s of doom and that is because we were not born in arms of people who pioneer in capitalism and imperialism. Our names were not announced in media, we did not grew up with media coverage and we did not have the freedom to choose. The moment we realized we did not have freedom to choose we could see how oppressed and different we are from the children’s of pioneers of capitalism. The pioneers of capitalism sends their children’s to expensive schools, they study interesting courses, develop an appetite for classy sports and hang out with other like minded kids. This is not the case with us. We are always reminded that we are children’s of doom. We don’t go to expensive schools. We go to nearby and affordable ones. We don’t study interesting courses. We try to excel in the important courses. The only sports we play is the one which school wants us to play. We are children of doom, we have lost our freedom. There is a price tag to every happiness in life. We cant love those rich beautiful girls. Beauty lies in eyes of beholder is an statement for us. We just cant afford their desires because, the cost of their coffee is the cost of our dinner. We have faces suited for their servants, our lust is also a crime but, the same from their man is an immediate sign for a true love. This world of capitalism is so infinite, there is oppression at each and every corner and in each and every possible manner. There are dozens of pioneers feeding and eating English. Their children’s speak like native English speakers. They have the accent, they have the flow. At a corner, we stand and think of the language. My intelligence and thought are limited to my mother tongue. We know you can speak that way, because you went to best schools and countries but, have some sympathy and look at us. We were taught about importance of money before the hefty vocabulary. We understand loans, we understand price as our luxury comes within our budget. Our freedom of choice is limited. We cant choose those fancy cars, we cant live in those exorbitant bungalows all we can do is stare at them and regret being children’s of doom.




Have a look at some of us. Look into our eyes and stare at our faces. We are far away from your world. From beautiful people and happy faces. Our eyes speak our fate. They have significant despair in them. Over a period of time, living under the shoes of pioneers of capitalism our faces now have stretch marks. These are reminder to us about our lives that has been full of struggles and malice. We want to steal a wallet from your back pocket and run away with it and we do that not because we are thief’s but because our life has been full of misery. Look at the child in the front. Look at the innocent face. At this very moment he has no idea about his fate. He doesn’t knows that that the worst that could happen in his life has already happened. The very day he was born he was made part of the race that we children’s of doom run all our lives. We begin with a race of education, and then the race to settle life. Once, these races are done, we run the virtual race which happens in mind. While the children’s of pioneer’s buy many houses our life revolves around buying just one. Just One. Our cars are simple and our clothes are simple too because no matter how much we try to look like you, our fate has given us a face which brings us down back to the regiment full of children’s of doom.


Now, the oppression has crossed the boundaries. We are openly abused and our jobs are being ridiculed. Our simple life has been criticized.


How easy it was for her to say “How Middle Class?” How easy it was to make fun of the innocent people who are compelled under responsibilities of middle class to do the job.

How damn easy it was?

And we are supposed to gulp it in. We are supposed to hate our jobs because some people don’t find it good. This is our life.


But, then life goes on in every social strata. It is the human nature to find happiness even in misery. The pioneers keep oppressing us and we keep getting oppressed. Every day is a new war and it is important for us to  firstly, we think of our war and then about the oppression.



A picture hastily taken by me on narrow and rusted streets of Karol Bagh, New Delhi.


The smile says it all.